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Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

One easy way to improve your smile is to have your teeth whitened professionally by a skilled cosmetic dentist. Even the0896845001553193035.jpg yellowest smile with older stains can be improved with tooth bleaching, a treatment that Dr. Sonia Rodriguez can offer you at her dentist office Laredo, TX. She is known for providing her patients of all ages with quality dental care, including cosmetic help.

Bleaching Tooth Stains Away

By far, the most effective way to get rid of stains and discoloration is to use a bleaching agent. The products that you may buy in the store are usually ineffective and take too long to provide results. The bleaching agent that your dentist uses is much stronger and works in one easy visit. It’s made with a hydrogen peroxide-based solution that works well on natural enamel and restorations like crowns or bridge devices.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

When you visit your Laredo, TX, dentist for a teeth whitening appointment, the first step is to protect your soft tissues in your mouth. A plastic mouth retractor will be inserted to keep your lips and gums from being exposed to the bleaching agent—that reduces the chance of gum irritation. The whitening solution is carefully painted on each tooth that is visible when you smile. You’ll sit in the dentist’s chair for about 60 minutes as you wait for the desired whitening result. After the appointment, you’ll receive instructions for how to keep your teeth bright for several years or longer.

Benefits of a Whiter Smile

If you have ever found yourself hiding your teeth when talking to others or when you’re asked to take a picture, you probably understand how beneficial it would be to have a whiter, younger looking smile. Whiter teeth are more complimentary to your facial appearance and give you a renewed sense of confidence. Also, when you see how nice your teeth look in the mirror you’ll likely want to spend more time on good oral hygiene each day. Brushing twice daily with a whitening toothpaste as well as reducing contact with certain foods or drinks can help.

Your Smile Can Look Better

Let this be the year that you improve your smile by having it professionally whitened by a dentist. Call (956) 717-9100 today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Sonia Rodriguez at her office in Laredo, TX.

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