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When Are Crowns And Bridges Needed?

Crowns and bridges are helpful when you need to replace lost tooth structure or missing teeth. Together, crowns and bridges can restore the beauty of your smile by replacing missing teeth, as well as restore normal tooth functioning. Dr. Sonia Rodriguez at My Dentist in Laredo, TX, can determine if you are a candidate for dental crowns and bridges.

How do Crowns and Bridges work?

It is possible to replace several teeth simultaneously with dental crowns and bridges. A dental bridge is used to close the gap between teeth where other teeth are missing. Attached to the bridge are pontics and crowns, both types of artificial teeth. Pontics fill in the spaces where there are no teeth, while crowns are placed over existing teeth to help hold the bridge securely in place. There is one crown at either end of a bridge with pontics filling the space in between the crowns. Your Laredo, TX, dentist can determine if crowns and bridges are an option for you.

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges 

A major benefit is that crowns and bridges restore your smile by replacing missing teeth. With their full smile restored, many patients also experience a confidence boost. Another benefit of crowns and bridges is that they can minimize facial sagging and drooping, which often occurs when teeth are missing as there is not enough support for the muscles of the face. By restoring your smile, you are also providing more support for facial muscles so they are less likely to droop or sag.

An additional benefit of crowns and bridges is the restoration of normal tooth functioning and a reduction in wear and tear on certain teeth. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth must take on the biting and chewing functions previously performed by the missing teeth. Taking on additional work puts more strain on the remaining teeth and they endure increased wear and tear. Replacing missing teeth with crowns and bridges restores normal tooth functioning by redistributing biting and chewing across all teeth, which reduces excess strain on some teeth.

Crowns and bridges are needed when there are missing teeth or lost tooth structure. For help deciding if crowns and bridges are the right tooth replacement option for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodriguez, your Laredo, TX, dentist, by calling My Dentist at (956) 717-9100.

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