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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

While many patients are anxious about the idea of getting a root canal, this treatment is one of the best ways to cure a 0269600001541628124.jpgtooth that has been affected by dental disease. It calms throbbing sensations and greatly reduces the chance of bone and tooth loss. You’ll finally get relief from your dental pain when you see Dr. Sonia Rodriguez, a dentist serving patients in Laredo, TX, for root canals and other restorative treatments.
What a Root Canal Does
Root canal therapy is a tooth-saving dental procedure. The procedure entails the cleaning of the infected tooth's inside so that it can be refilled it with a durable protective material called gutta-percha before being secured with a dental crown. Once the diseased tissue is gone and the inner part of the tooth is protected, the root of the tooth is safe from future infections and the patient's pain is relieved.

Root Canals: Signs You May Need This Dental Therapy
These are some signs that you need to see your Laredo, TX dentist for a root canal consultation:

- Bad breath that continues to be odorous even after brushing the teeth
- Sharp or throbbing pain in the mouth
- Inability to chew your food
- Black marks or holes on a tooth’s surface
- Strange boils or ulcers along the gumline

Steps for a Root Canal
If you struggle with dental anxiety, you can relax knowing that your dentist will consult you about sedation options to ensure your comfort during a root canal procedure. This is what you should expect:

- An initial consultation to diagnose the issue
- Sedation and treatment into the affected tooth to reveal the diseased tissue
- Cleaning and disinfection of the inner chambers
- Filling, sealing, and covering the tooth with a crown

Call for an Appointment
At the first signs of dental disease or infection, see Dr. Sonia Rodriguez for an examination and to learn more about root canals. Call (956) 717-9100 today for an appointment at her dentist office in Laredo, TX.

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